Wedding of the Week: Janae from Discovering Janae

This week's feature is Janae from the blog Discovering Janae and her cute husband, Jared.  They actually met on a blind date and she waited for him for two years while he served a mission for the LDS church!  It's safe to say that this wedding was a long time coming!  They are such a perfect couple and I am excited that you all get a chance to get to know more about their wedding!

Janae and Jared were married on 09.02.11 in the Draper, UT LDS Temple.

Where was your reception held?
A local LDS church.

What were the things you spent the most money on for your wedding?
My dress.

How were you able to cut costs during your wedding planning?

We made most of my decorations or went to thrift stores and then tweaked stuff by painting them.  We also went out and picked flowers that morning from wild fields.

Did you end up over or under budget for your wedding?

What is your best advice for those planning a wedding?
Remember that it is your wedding day! I have talked to many other brides and they always talk about how stressed they are with all that they have to pay for and getting everything to look perfect that I feel they forget about the actual wedding and what a huge commitment they are making with their future spouse.  We all want to have the dream wedding and can if we keep our minds focused on WHY we are getting married and not just the how.

I loved this wedding! My favorite part is how they picked their own flowers from wild fields the morning of their wedding. What a sweet idea! Thanks, Janae, to Veronica for letting me feature you today! Be sure to check out her blog here... I highly recommend it!  If you have any more questions about the wedding, you can contact Janae at janaecnorman at gmail dot com.


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