Alternative Wedding Guestbooks

When my husband and I got married, we went the route of the fairly traditional guestbook. I made it myself to save some money, and put it together to read as more of a scrapbook versus the usual wedding ledger filled with names. It was special because it came from my own hands, and it felt very personal. It's proven to be a fun keepsake over the years, but before I settled on a final design, I juggled a few ideas around that were less-than-traditional.

Throughout the last couple of years and various weddings I've attended, I've seen more and more alternative guestbooks crop up and thought it might be fun to share some of my favorites with you today...

Quilted Guestbook

I adore quilts and the personality that comes with them. There's just something extremely special about giving something, or being gifted something, that has been created by hand especially for/by you. Obviously, I love, love, LOVE this quilt as a guestbook. What a sweet keepsake for newlyweds, not to mention a pretty special heirloom to save for your children and grandchildren.

Cost analysis: Fabric is not cheap, people. Depending on your number of guests, you could end up in $200 worth of fabric for a larger quilt. This idea wouldn't be the most budget-friendly but come on, is it great or what?

Map Guestbook

For the couple who enjoys travel! Guests sign hot air balloons and pin them to a map. You could turn it into an instant keepsake by having it framed and hanging it in your newlywed love nest.

Cost analysis: When it comes to price, maps run the gamut. Most quality maps start out at around $60 and can run upwards of $300.

Custom Couple Portrait as Guestbook

From left to right: Source, source, source

One of my favorite guestbook ideas! Had it been within my budget, I would have commissioned a custom couple portrait for my own wedding. Obviously, if you commission a beautiful portrait, the last thing you'll want to do is have people sign their names on the actual art piece. Instead, have your guests sign a matte and frame the piece later on. It's beautiful, personal, and there are so many talented artists out there to choose from.

Cost analysis: Custom portraits can cost just about anything. Work with the artist of your choice to come up with a size for your portrait as well as a price point.

As always, happy weekend and wedding planning!



Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the quilt guest book idea! Very creative and is something that isn't just going to sit on a shelf. Definitely something I am considering!

Thedoris Jackson said...

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