Lets Talk Engagements, Bridals, & Wedding Photography...

This topic is a bit frustrating for me at the present time. I am a photographer and I absolutely love what I do. I am currently in the process of building my business and so my rates are a bit cheaper than most wedding photographers. What I don't like about photography is the part where I am constantly chastised about being "too expensive". **Please keep in mind that I currently charge a quarter of what some of the best in the business do. In my honest opinion, you get what you pay for. You want a cheap deal on your wedding photo's so you will get CHEAP PHOTOS to "cherish" for the rest of your lives. Please keep this in mind when choosing your wedding photographer. Now... On to the fun part!

This post is not meant to hurt any photographers out their. I simply want to help you out when deciding who to go with when it comes down to your wedding photographer. As I stated earlier, you get what you pay for. This post is my honest opinion and I am in no way compensated.

I have a few photographers that I have been following but there is one in particular that is in my mind AMAZING! Alyssa Ence Photography. Alyssa is based out of St. George, UT but does travel. Here is just a small spread of her gorgeous work....

 This just takes my breath away. 

This is Alyssa's most recent Bridal Session and all I have to say is WOW! Not only is the bride and the location amazing but this image as a whole is just magical. 

Recently Alyssa participated in a Stylized shoot with some local vendors and this session is simply stunning. 

Every part of this session just blows me away. 

Here are a few more images by the Lovely Alyssa!

It's so hard for me to pick just one as my favorite! Perfection, all of them.
Not only is Alyssa amazing when it comes to Bridals, her engagements are to die for!

Alyssa definitely knows how her light. 

Contact Alyssa for wedding prices, personal packages, or just for any unanswered questions.
Alyssa's business phone is 435.896.7841
10 AM - 8 PM
Or you can check out her website! http://alyssaencephotography.com
Another photographer that I absolutely adore is out of St. George, UT as well. I've known Hayley for most of my life and I honestly can't get enough of her work. This Bridal/Groomal session that I am about to show you is PERFECTION! Her work is stunning and I can't wait to see more from her!


This is probably one of the best bridal image I have ever seen!

I'm not sure if Hayley travels but it wouldn't hurt to ask. I'm floored at this gorgeous session she shared with me to put on this post. 

You can contact Hayley on her website... http://www.hayleybradshaw.com 


My last Utah photographer that I am crazy about happens to the the woman that I had do my Bridal session when I got married. I am still blown away from the time I had with her. Fawn Jackson of Faund Images really takes the time to create some stunning work. Here are the images from my time with Faun...

You can contact Faun at (435) 691-1038, or check out her blog! www.faundimages.blogspot.com


I just want to thank you all for your support with this blog. Please let us know what you think!


6 Rustic Bouquet Ideas

So it seems lately that most brides are going for the rustic look when it comes to their big day. I have to admit that I absolutely love the rustic look as long as it is done right. There is a fine line when it comes to rustic vs. redneck. With Spring approaching, there will be many weddings that are sure to feature this theme and I am so excited for a few that I know of that are coming up. Here's a look at 5 rustic bouquets that are sure to WOW your guests and will keep them talking for years to come! What are some ways you would incorporate a rustic look to your wedding flowers?

I love how they incorporated the wood details as well as the cotton. 

Burlap is one simple way you can incorporate the rustic look into your bouquet

One of the most simple ways to incorporate a rustic look is Babies Breath and Burlap!

How gorgeous is the Peony and Mum bouquet?

The incorporation of the pheasant feathers is another elegant way to bring in that rustic look

I love the country feel to this bouquet.

What are some ways you would incorporate a rustic look to your wedding flowers? Please leave a comment below! I'd love to hear from you!


MIA No More!

So as you can see from the date of our last post that we have been a little MIA for the most part. That is about to change. Keep an eye out for some fun stuff coming your way soon!


Let's talk about men's wedding bands...

One of the most difficult parts about wedding planning for me was trying to decide what kind of a wedding band to get for my husband-to-be! I wanted it to be special, and I hoped for something he'd really like. I was pretty uneducated about what types of rings were out there, and ended up settling on a beautiful Tungsten ring for my husband (he can no longer wear it, unfortunately, but we'll get to that below!). Let's take a look at a small variety of what's available and learn a bit about each ring's different materials.

Tungsten and Titanium

Buy them here and here.

These two materials are very much alike; both are extremely durable and ideal for the man who has a hands-on job working outdoors or getting his hands dirty. Tungsten and Titanium are virtually indestructable and neither will dent, scratch, or lose their shine. Neither will corrode or change color due to wear and tear or time. Titanium is also biocompatible with most skin types, meaning it is the least likely metal to give you a rash or cause discoloration of the skin. A bonus? Both are extremely cost effective (unless they are inlayed with a gem). Titanium is easily engraved and resized, but Tungsten on the other hand, isn't. Tungsten rings cannot be resized (and there's the reason my husband no longer wears his-- it's too big now!), and while they are engravable, engraving a Tungsten ring is not an easy task! Another drawback? Tungsten and Titanium are both very heavy, which may cause a bit of strain when worn every day.

Sterling Silver

Buy here.

Sterling Silver is a great option for a "placeholder" ring. Maybe you can't afford that gorgeous (and very pricey) wedding band right now, so Sterling Silver is an excellent choice for the time being. The reason I say this is because Sterling Silver is the most likely material to cause discoloration of the skin or rashes (remember me telling you about biocompatibility above?). Furthermore, Sterling Silver won't always stay bright and shiny; it darkens over time and has a tendency to easily tarnish, particularly in humid areas. With all that being said, Sterling Silver is an inexpensive choice, and is also available in lots of varying designs. It is easily accessible, and easily engravable.

Rose Gold

Buy here.

I am a Rose Gold girl, myself. There's something about it's blush sheen that makes it so endearing to me! Rose Gold is beautiful, and has many of the same attributes of other golds (White, Yellow). It looks lovely in a variety of finishes as well. The main drawback here? It is very expensive. Expect to drop a pretty penny on a Rose Gold band.

Organic Materials

Buy both here.

I chose to feature these Titanium rings with Antler inlays for this portion of the post, but obviously there are many organic materials that rings can be created with. The thing that drew me to these was the fact that I could definitely see my dad, an avid outdoorsman, sporting one! They are cruelty-free, made from the sheds of deer and elk, and the coolest part? They're locally made in my home state of Utah, right in the Wasatch Mountains.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!


**All of the rings featured in today's post are readily available on Etsy
by sellers who painstakingly create each piece by hand,
just because I believe in buying locally or hand made items when you can!**

Vintage Wedding Inspiration

When I was planning my own wedding back in 2008, I drew a lot of inspiration from vintage bridal magazines. I wanted a wedding that was timeless; something that wouldn't appear dated several years down the road (ahem, I'm talking to you, Mom... You 1980's, puffy-sleeved bride, you!). If you're hoping for a wedding that will always feel classic, I would suggest doing just what I did! It's amazing how dress and venue designs from long ago have the ability to still be relevant today.

Because it's the end of the week, and I'm one tired momma because I've got an almost-two-year-old who refuses to nap and is growing molars, I'm taking the easy route and posting some beautiful photos of vintage bridal fare to get y'all inspired. I hope you enjoy, and forgive me for my lack of an actual post.

How cute are these two?

Finally, I leave you with one of the most beautiful women ever
wearing probably the most timeless dress known to man:

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your weekend!


Who Pays For What?

Hey Dolls! 

So, this happens to be my first post for Borrowed&Blue and I can't be more excited. To be honest, I had a hard time deciding what to post first because there are millions of ideas that fill my head daily when it comes to weddings and wedding planning. I finally decided on starting with a question that I am asked the most by brides: Who Pays For What?

Your budget is a huge part of planning a wedding, and knowing who is to pay for what can take a load off of both families involved and is a topic no one likes to talk about so it is usually left in the dark. Who is supposed to pay for what can be tricky and an uneasy topic of discussion. So my advice to you, start this conversation early with both families and it will help relieve a lot of stress later! Discuss who is willing, and capable, of paying for what..trust me you will be happy you did! 

Now, having been in the wedding world for quite some time and this is one of the most asked questions I have had. I am all for tradition and so this list is something I agree with and will most likely implement in my own wedding someday.  Some of these items on the list will surprise you. 

Please remember that you are not required to follow this list as it is more of a guideline of the “traditional” responsibilities of all parties involved. It is a great place to start and you will be glad you read this!
Grooms ring
Gifts for bridesmaids
Gifts for parents
Gift for groom
Hair and make up for bridesmaids day-of
Brides Family:
Wedding planner (Rachel Events!)
Bridal gown, veil, and accessories
Bridesmaids bouquet
Invitations, save the dates, programs, thank you cards, menu
Ceremony and reception floral and decor
Entertainment for the ceremony and reception
Vendor gratuities
Engagement and wedding band
Marriage License
Officiant Fee
Groomsmen and usher gift
Brides gift
Grooms Attire
Grooms Family:
Rehearsal dinner food and beverage
Reception and cocktail hour beverages
Grooms cake
**Please note that this is just a traditional list and it does not mean you have to follow.
Until next time,                                                                                                                                                                                          Callie Sue

Let's talk summer weddings...

When planning a wedding, one of the first things many brides consider is in what season they'd like to say their I do's. Most of us get enamored with the details of certain seasons before realizing that each of the four carries many pros and cons, particularly where budget is concerned. In this four part series, we'll take a look at each season and the benefits of getting married whether the flowers are in bloom or there's snow on the ground!

Since we're in the midst of summer, let's begin there, shall we? I'm not a summer fan. Mostly because the humidity melts my face off and my clothes stick to my skin. Yuck. That aside, there's much to love about summer as well; where I live, the flowers are blooming in the summer months and the greens are at their greenest. This all goes without saying that the Fourth of July occurs in summertime, which is the sole reason in and of itself to adore summer. Most of all, summer is the perfect time for a wedding, particularly if your dream is to get hitched in the great outdoors.

  • The weather is great, which means that an outdoor wedding is totally feasible depending on where you're located. You could celebrate with a reception well into the evening and even after dark, because it will still feel comfortable outside late into the night.
  • Your flower budget could be cut significantly in the summertime by growing your own flowers to use for your big day. If you choose your blooms carefully and have proper growing conditions, your flowers will be at the height of their beauty during the summer months.
  • Spring and summer are huge seasons for weddings. Expect to be wait listed or even turned away by caterers/live bands/officiants, etc. who may simply not have the capacity to take on so many weddings at once.
  • The same can also be said for venues. If you plan on getting married in the summertime, plan on booking your dream venue far in advance. Venues fill quickly during the summer months and many charge more during the season.
  • If you're planning a fair weathered wedding, expect some major scheduling conflicts from family and friends. Since many people tend to holiday during the summer, your wedding date may work for Great Aunt Marge but not for your bridesmaid Cindy. It may take some doing to come up with a date that works for each one of your nearest and dearest.

Are there any summer brides out there? What pros and cons did you encounter from having your wedding during the summer months and what advice would you give to brides planning a summer wedding? Sound off in the comments below!

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