Who Pays For What?

Hey Dolls! 

So, this happens to be my first post for Borrowed&Blue and I can't be more excited. To be honest, I had a hard time deciding what to post first because there are millions of ideas that fill my head daily when it comes to weddings and wedding planning. I finally decided on starting with a question that I am asked the most by brides: Who Pays For What?

Your budget is a huge part of planning a wedding, and knowing who is to pay for what can take a load off of both families involved and is a topic no one likes to talk about so it is usually left in the dark. Who is supposed to pay for what can be tricky and an uneasy topic of discussion. So my advice to you, start this conversation early with both families and it will help relieve a lot of stress later! Discuss who is willing, and capable, of paying for what..trust me you will be happy you did! 

Now, having been in the wedding world for quite some time and this is one of the most asked questions I have had. I am all for tradition and so this list is something I agree with and will most likely implement in my own wedding someday.  Some of these items on the list will surprise you. 

Please remember that you are not required to follow this list as it is more of a guideline of the “traditional” responsibilities of all parties involved. It is a great place to start and you will be glad you read this!
Grooms ring
Gifts for bridesmaids
Gifts for parents
Gift for groom
Hair and make up for bridesmaids day-of
Brides Family:
Wedding planner (Rachel Events!)
Bridal gown, veil, and accessories
Bridesmaids bouquet
Invitations, save the dates, programs, thank you cards, menu
Ceremony and reception floral and decor
Entertainment for the ceremony and reception
Vendor gratuities
Engagement and wedding band
Marriage License
Officiant Fee
Groomsmen and usher gift
Brides gift
Grooms Attire
Grooms Family:
Rehearsal dinner food and beverage
Reception and cocktail hour beverages
Grooms cake
**Please note that this is just a traditional list and it does not mean you have to follow.
Until next time,                                                                                                                                                                                          Callie Sue
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