Let's talk summer weddings...

When planning a wedding, one of the first things many brides consider is in what season they'd like to say their I do's. Most of us get enamored with the details of certain seasons before realizing that each of the four carries many pros and cons, particularly where budget is concerned. In this four part series, we'll take a look at each season and the benefits of getting married whether the flowers are in bloom or there's snow on the ground!

Since we're in the midst of summer, let's begin there, shall we? I'm not a summer fan. Mostly because the humidity melts my face off and my clothes stick to my skin. Yuck. That aside, there's much to love about summer as well; where I live, the flowers are blooming in the summer months and the greens are at their greenest. This all goes without saying that the Fourth of July occurs in summertime, which is the sole reason in and of itself to adore summer. Most of all, summer is the perfect time for a wedding, particularly if your dream is to get hitched in the great outdoors.

  • The weather is great, which means that an outdoor wedding is totally feasible depending on where you're located. You could celebrate with a reception well into the evening and even after dark, because it will still feel comfortable outside late into the night.
  • Your flower budget could be cut significantly in the summertime by growing your own flowers to use for your big day. If you choose your blooms carefully and have proper growing conditions, your flowers will be at the height of their beauty during the summer months.
  • Spring and summer are huge seasons for weddings. Expect to be wait listed or even turned away by caterers/live bands/officiants, etc. who may simply not have the capacity to take on so many weddings at once.
  • The same can also be said for venues. If you plan on getting married in the summertime, plan on booking your dream venue far in advance. Venues fill quickly during the summer months and many charge more during the season.
  • If you're planning a fair weathered wedding, expect some major scheduling conflicts from family and friends. Since many people tend to holiday during the summer, your wedding date may work for Great Aunt Marge but not for your bridesmaid Cindy. It may take some doing to come up with a date that works for each one of your nearest and dearest.

Are there any summer brides out there? What pros and cons did you encounter from having your wedding during the summer months and what advice would you give to brides planning a summer wedding? Sound off in the comments below!



jackmarie said...

I love summer season and the weddings in this season look amazing. You know why because it becomes very easy then to have an open large area for wedding reception. Thus we can arrange everything with much comfort.

Anne Fraser said...

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