Wedding of the Week: Veronica from Passion, Pink & Pearls

First off, let me apologize for being absent from blogging for so long.  We recently found out that we are expecting our first baby so I decided to take some time off to focus on family for a while.  However, I am back and more ready than ever to take the blog to the next level, starting with these "Wedding of the Week" features.  Today's feature is Veronica from the blog Passion, Pink, & Pearls.  These two are an adorable couple and I am excited to let you get to know more about them & their wedding!
Veronica and Kevin were married on 06.01.12 in the Norman, OK.

Where was your ceremony & reception held?
Our church, Journey Church in Normal, OK

What were the things you spent the most money on for your wedding?
Our photographer, the flowers and the dress! 

Who were some of your favorite vendors? 
  • Birds and Coffee Design was our photographer, we LOVE her!
  • City Florists. Our florist gave us an amazing deal and helped us make arrangements that were beautiful but also saved us.
  • Althea's Vault prepared our cake and cupcakes. We adored working with them! They are a family owned business and you could just tell they work from their hearts. Plus they made the tastiest cake! Everyone commented on how great it was.
  • Our pianist was one of my most favorite parts of our wedding. She played live, Dawn from the soundtrack of Pride and Prejudice and it was absolutely amazing! She timed it perfectly for our whole party and did a stunning job. I can't post her contact here but if someone is ever looking for a pianist in Oklahoma, contact me and I'll get you in touch!
How were you able to cut costs during your wedding planning?

Since we paid for the wedding almost entirely on our own, we did a lot of the work ourselves. We researched like crazy for photographers, venues, etc. to make sure we got the best deal. We cut frivolous costs but choosing to spend on the most important aspects of our wedding. We also paid more attention to those more important parts like our vows and such as opposed to tons of decor but it all turned out beautifully, we thought anyway.

I wrote about our best spent money here and our whole wedding budget outline here on my blog.

Did you end up over or under budget for your wedding?
Just a teensy bit over our $7000 budget.

What is your best advice for those planning a wedding?
I would say, to do your wedding the way you want to. Traditional weddings are so strong and expected now days. The most important part is you and your groom getting married so don't stress the small decor details and pay attention most to what is special between the two of you like vows and preparing for your marriage. I also wrote a post for all new brides/wives here on my blog for those that are interested.

Aren't they just the most perfect couple? Thanks to Veronica for letting me feature you today and for being so patient while I took a break from blogging for a while.  Be sure to check out her blog here... I highly recommend it!  If you have any more questions about the wedding, you can contact Dory at mrs.veronicaleeburns at gmail dot com.

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