The Best of Unique Bridal Bouquets

Did you know that the average cost of flowers for a wedding is a whopping $3,000?

Holy. Moly.

For the budget-minded bride, spending this much on flowers may not be feasible. When you're bound to a particular price point, creativity wins! By now I think we're all familiar with the popular button bouquets I'm sure we've all seen on Pinterest, so here is a small round-up of some of my personal favorite bouquets from around the web. Some are DIY's, some aren't, but each would require a much lower budget than what you'd spend on fresh flowers. They're all extremely unique and absolutely lovely. The best part? They won't wilt!

1. Book Pages

This bouquet is made from book pages turned flowers. Perfect for the bookish bride, or even unique, library-themed nuptials.

2. Seashells

Made of shells, this bouquet is truly a sculptural work of art. Naturally, this would be the perfect accessory to your wedding on the shore.

3. Succulents

I am all for succulents! They adorn most of my windowsills and I've never killed one! (A real accomplishment, since keeping flowers alive isn't one of my talents.) This bouquet is a favorite of mine, and I truly wish I could have incorporated succulents into my own bridal bouquet.

4. Cotton

I've been seeing more and more cotton bouquets popping up lately. At first I was a little unsure about them, but they've really grown on me. They look so fresh and clean, the colors are simple and soft, and really, they're just beautiful. A cotton bouquet would make the perfect addition at a winter wedding.

5. Origami

I'm a big origami fan. It is unimaginably delicate, and I'm always in awe of it because I know I would never have the patience to create an origami piece myself! This bouquet is absolutely stunning, and could be altered for any season, and into any shape.

Feel free to share any unique bouquet ideas you've seen or been inspired by in the comments section below! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'm off to water my succulents!


Leann Moore said...

There are vendors like myself who charge less than half that cost for wedding flowers, you just have to get more quotes and use I source flowers myself instead of going through wholesalers. It allows me to offer my brides a much deeper discount on flowers and give them more than they thought they could purchase.

Brooke Miramontes said...

Leann, thanks for your feedback! We based the figure in this post off the cost of an average wedding. Obviously, not everyone spends that much on flowers (I know I certainly didn't!), and we are always encouraging our readers to find less expensive alternatives. Thanks for your input and suggestions!

sanam arzoo said...

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