Wedding of the Week: Torrie from Autodidactic Ambitions

Happy Monday! This week's wedding is Torrie from the blog Autodidactic Ambitions.  She is the cutest ever, and has an equally cute husband.  I am excited to share more about their special day with you!
 Torrie and Matt were married on 5.7.11 in the Bountiful LDS Temple.

Where was your reception held?
Our reception was just at an LDS church building in Bountiful, Utah.

What were the things you spent the most money on for your wedding?
We had Leatherby's come and cater since that's where we got engaged, and our bridal/groomal photography session by BP Photography.
How were you able to cut costs during your wedding planning?
I rented my wedding dress from Gowns by Pamela, and we cut some of the photography costs by having a friend (Chelsee Hannah Photography) do our engagements and wedding day photography.  We also picked what was more important to us (food & flowers) and less important (having a live band, wedding favors, etc.)

Did you end up over or under budget for your wedding?
Right on target :)

What is your best advice for those planning a wedding?
One of the pieces of advice that I would stress the most is to make sure you get a good photographer for your wedding--the only things you will have forever are the photos, so make sure you find a good one (or two.)  However, that said, the photographer I originally wanted charged $4,000 to do the whole thing, and we definitely didn't have even close to that much to spend on photography.  What I ended up deciding was to pay a season professional (BP Photography, in our case) to do a bridal/groomal session, and had a photographer friend (of Chelsee Hanna Photography) and her friend (of Valor Photography) do the pictures on my actual wedding day.  Since photographers usually charge way more for an actual wedding day than for a bridal/groomal session, we were guaranteed to get some great pictures before the Big Day while still saving lots of money.  Plus, we got photos of several different styles, which I really liked.

The other piece of advice that I would give is to cut corners on things that don't matter as much to you (in our case, those were things like the venue, bridal accessories, and the menswear) and use more of your budget for the things that do matter to you AND that will save you some stress (for us, that meant having someone cater and hiring a relatively inexpensive decorator.)  For me, wedding planning was more stressful that anything, so whenever I could take some of the weight off myself, I usually did.

Thanks to Torrie for letting me feature you today and for all the amazing wedding advice!  If you have any more questions about her wedding, you can check out her "Wedding Wednesday" series, or email her at torrief @ hotmail . com.


Amanda Schroeder said...

i ADORE April. She is the cutest!! Still working on my post by the way. Its taking me way longer than I expected. I'll get it to you as soon as I can!

Sam M said...

These are totally good tips for keeping your wedding under budget! What a great series to do for so many brides looking for ideas in tha Utah area.

Gilina said...

Beautiful photos and veryy romantic! :)

Wapy Watt said...

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