DIY Wedding Shadow Box

I have been married for over a year now, and I was getting sick of all the leftovers... the scraps of ribbon, extra invitations, and all the odds and ends that weren't given away after our special day.  Our condo doesn't have much storage space, so I knew I either had to come up with something to do with everything, or throw it out.  Not wanting to get rid of all these items that had sentimental value, I came up with the idea of compiling them all into a shadow box so we could display a little piece of our wedding forever.

Shadow Box: Hobby Lobby: $10 with 50% off coupon
#1:  The schedule from our reception
#2:  A string of pearls from one of our centerpieces
#3:  The handmade flower I wore in my hair
#4:  Zebra print and sheer purple ribbon from my bouquet
#5:  Our wedding announcement & temple invitation card
#6: The scoop from our candy bar & a napkin from our dessert bar
#7: The "Thank You" bags from the candy bar
#8:  The black background for the shadow box is made of one of our table runners

Some other options to include in your wedding day box: your garter, the groom's tie, dried flowers from your bouquet, favors from your reception, or even a copy of your vows.  The possibilities are endless!

To make this shadow box, I simply laid everything out & organized it how I liked, then hot glued it all in there!  Not only has it been one of my most meaningful, favorite projects, but it's one of the cheapest and easiest DIY's I have ever done.  

If you try out this DIY, I would love to see it and so would my readers!  Shoot me an email with a picture of your project & a description and you could be featured here on Borrowed & Blue!


Amy Lynn said...

that's such a good/cute idea!! i would have never thought of that, but i have tons of leftover things i could put in a shadow box :)

Eliza Jane said...

What a GREAT idea!! I will really need to try this out. Way cute blog!... New follower!


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