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Photography is probably the biggest part of your wedding budget, along with the dress, so it's important to find someone who is both amazing at photography and not ridiculously expensive!  I was researching affordable vendors to spotlight on this blog, and all the amazing photographers I found cost more than my entire wedding.  I thought all hope was lost, but then I remembered my cute friend Alyssa.  She takes gorgeous pictures and her prices are so reasonable.  I honestly wish I would have had her take my wedding pictures!  Alyssa was kind enough to send me some information about her business, Alyssa Ence Photography, and I can't get over how amazing she is at her job.  Read on, and you'll see what I'm talking about!
Why wedding photography?

First off, I love capturing weddings because there is so much emotion in the whole day.  Pictures on your wedding day tell so many stories and thoughts that you truly can't express in words.  I am there to make your day less stressful and my job is to capture EVERY moment of your special day!
What are some of your pricing options for wedding packages?

I really like to customize it for each bride, depending on how much time they are needing out of me.  Their time is much more valuable and is worth the price!  I like to discuss what the bride expects out of me so I can get a better idea of what her day is going to be and where I will need to be.  I don't like to make a set price because I feel like everyone's day and everyone's vision of what they want their photographer to do and be is completely different.
Where are you willing to travel to take pictures?

I am based in St. George, but I travel throughout Utah!  Obviously, traveling fees would apply, but no matter the distance I will try to be there to capture your big day!

What are some of your favorite areas to shoot?

I love shooting in different areas that you wouldn't expect to be the prettiest.  I also really love shooting in random backgrounds that make the person stand out even more and make the audience go, "Wow, I never thought that could look so cool!"  Another area I love is old vintage rundown buildings.
What advice do you have for new photographers?

My advice for any photographers wanting to shoot weddings is, first thing's first-- NEVER miss a moment.  Always have your camera at full speed and bring extra SD cards.  It amazes me how many pictures I take that I get home and think, "Thank goodness I captured that moment!"  You don't want a disappointed bride!
What is your advice for brides looking for a photographer?

When choosing a photographer, they obviously have to be in  your price range, but definitely don't go so cheap that a relative is forced to take them just so you can save a few bucks.  Photography is definitely worth the money!  I have so many people say, "I wish I would have paid the extra money to get a better photographer who knew what they were doing, instead of my relative that thinks she has a nice camera."  Your wedding day is the one day you can't RETAKE pictures at, so make sure you really think about that.  Pictures and video are the only thing you can look back at for your wedding, so make sure you get the person you like even if it's spending a little more than you thought.
You can find Alyssa Ence Photography here:  Website//Facebook//Blog

Thanks, Alyssa, for letting me feature you here on B&B!  I seriously can't get over how amazing her pictures are.  If you're hungry to see more, like me, be sure to check out her website and like her on FB!  Also, if you have any more questions for Alyssa, or to book her for your special day, you can contact her at

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