6 Rustic Bouquet Ideas

So it seems lately that most brides are going for the rustic look when it comes to their big day. I have to admit that I absolutely love the rustic look as long as it is done right. There is a fine line when it comes to rustic vs. redneck. With Spring approaching, there will be many weddings that are sure to feature this theme and I am so excited for a few that I know of that are coming up. Here's a look at 5 rustic bouquets that are sure to WOW your guests and will keep them talking for years to come! What are some ways you would incorporate a rustic look to your wedding flowers?

I love how they incorporated the wood details as well as the cotton. 

Burlap is one simple way you can incorporate the rustic look into your bouquet

One of the most simple ways to incorporate a rustic look is Babies Breath and Burlap!

How gorgeous is the Peony and Mum bouquet?

The incorporation of the pheasant feathers is another elegant way to bring in that rustic look

I love the country feel to this bouquet.

What are some ways you would incorporate a rustic look to your wedding flowers? Please leave a comment below! I'd love to hear from you!



mackyton said...

Well I agree, as I also love rustic look but it should be done perfectly. I am sure this way we can please our guests as they can see unique things, and they can talk for so many years about our wedding. I had incorporated a rustic look to my wedding reception bouquet too, and everyone loved that idea.

Jones Henry said...

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Rani said...

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Diljit said...

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