Let's talk about men's wedding bands...

One of the most difficult parts about wedding planning for me was trying to decide what kind of a wedding band to get for my husband-to-be! I wanted it to be special, and I hoped for something he'd really like. I was pretty uneducated about what types of rings were out there, and ended up settling on a beautiful Tungsten ring for my husband (he can no longer wear it, unfortunately, but we'll get to that below!). Let's take a look at a small variety of what's available and learn a bit about each ring's different materials.

Tungsten and Titanium

Buy them here and here.

These two materials are very much alike; both are extremely durable and ideal for the man who has a hands-on job working outdoors or getting his hands dirty. Tungsten and Titanium are virtually indestructable and neither will dent, scratch, or lose their shine. Neither will corrode or change color due to wear and tear or time. Titanium is also biocompatible with most skin types, meaning it is the least likely metal to give you a rash or cause discoloration of the skin. A bonus? Both are extremely cost effective (unless they are inlayed with a gem). Titanium is easily engraved and resized, but Tungsten on the other hand, isn't. Tungsten rings cannot be resized (and there's the reason my husband no longer wears his-- it's too big now!), and while they are engravable, engraving a Tungsten ring is not an easy task! Another drawback? Tungsten and Titanium are both very heavy, which may cause a bit of strain when worn every day.

Sterling Silver

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Sterling Silver is a great option for a "placeholder" ring. Maybe you can't afford that gorgeous (and very pricey) wedding band right now, so Sterling Silver is an excellent choice for the time being. The reason I say this is because Sterling Silver is the most likely material to cause discoloration of the skin or rashes (remember me telling you about biocompatibility above?). Furthermore, Sterling Silver won't always stay bright and shiny; it darkens over time and has a tendency to easily tarnish, particularly in humid areas. With all that being said, Sterling Silver is an inexpensive choice, and is also available in lots of varying designs. It is easily accessible, and easily engravable.

Rose Gold

Buy here.

I am a Rose Gold girl, myself. There's something about it's blush sheen that makes it so endearing to me! Rose Gold is beautiful, and has many of the same attributes of other golds (White, Yellow). It looks lovely in a variety of finishes as well. The main drawback here? It is very expensive. Expect to drop a pretty penny on a Rose Gold band.

Organic Materials

Buy both here.

I chose to feature these Titanium rings with Antler inlays for this portion of the post, but obviously there are many organic materials that rings can be created with. The thing that drew me to these was the fact that I could definitely see my dad, an avid outdoorsman, sporting one! They are cruelty-free, made from the sheds of deer and elk, and the coolest part? They're locally made in my home state of Utah, right in the Wasatch Mountains.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!


**All of the rings featured in today's post are readily available on Etsy
by sellers who painstakingly create each piece by hand,
just because I believe in buying locally or hand made items when you can!**


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