Wedding of the Week: Amy from Harris, Inc.

Hello, hello.  Our wedding of the week feature for today is Amy from the blog Harris, Inc. Amy and I have been blog friends for about a year now, and I'm a little obsessed with her love story.  She waited two years for her boyfriend (now husband) to serve a mission for the LDS church before they could get married.  That's two years with their only communication being letters!  Talk about dedication.  You can just see the love radiating between them in all these pictures.  I hope you enjoy learning a little more about her wedding as much as I have!

Amy and Matt were married on 8.31.12 in the Salt Lake City, UT LDS Temple.

Where was your reception held?
In a backyard in Orem, UT.

What were the things you spent the most money on for your wedding?
The food was probably the most expensive thing.  Because both the husband and I are local, we had so many guests.

Who were some of your favorite vendors? 
  • We had a dating story + wedding video done by Tyler at Dreamhill Productions.  It was amazing, we watch it all the time and he captured everything I wanted to remember.  The best part was that he was half the price of the videographer I was originally going to use, and did a better job :)<br>
  • Rachel at Weddings For Less, Inc. did all my tables and centerpieces.  It was great because she didn't have exactly what I wanted in her showroom, so she custom made a backdrop for me and ordered the colors that I wanted.  She was so easy and reasonable to work with.

How were you able to cut costs during your wedding planning?
We were able to cut costs by using the resources around us.  Rather than use a reception center, I wanted an outdoor, less is more setting for my reception.  My boss has a beautiful backyard and let us use it for FREE.  I am lucky enough to have a best friend that does photography (Photography by Tregani) and she did our bridals and engagements for free as a gift.  

Did you end up over or under budget for your wedding?

What is your best advice for those planning a wedding?
My advice is to use the resources you have.  When people say they are willing to help with whatever you need, let them!!! It will take away so much of the stress if you are able to delegate and not do everything yourself.  Also, decide in the beginning what is most important to you (dress, photographer, cake, decorations, etc.) and take care of that FIRST. After that, everything will fall into place.  Most of all, have fun and enjoy the moment.  You only get to do this once, so make it a good memorable experience.  For me, planning the wedding was hardly stressful and I enjoyed every minute of it!! Good luck :)

Thanks to Amy for letting me feature your amazing wedding!  How cute is that last picture? I love it.  If you have any more questions about her wedding, you can contact Amy at amylynn188 at gmail dot com.

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